Global Sky Education operates childcare centres in Australia and New Zealand offering families state of the art facilities, accredited early learning educational programs and highly qualified educators.

Global Sky Education is a part of the Global Sky Group, a solution provider for global community hubs with operations encompassing environmental solutions, education and food and beverage businesses in Japan, Australia, New Zealand and the USA.

Our group philosophy is “Connecting the world for a brighter future”.

Our Vision is to become a worldwide “value-creation partner” for global communities.

Our Values are CLEAR:
• Customer-oriented
• Long-term view
• Ethical
• Advanced ideas
• Respect for nature

Global Sky Education is actively expanding by both acquiring existing centres and developing new centres, bringing our international experience and quality focus to enhance industry standards across Australia and New Zealand.



About Us

Our Philosophy

assisting your child in developing all skills necessary for success now and in the future

At Global Sky Education, we aim to guide your child to become an effective learner and assist your child in developing all skills necessary for success now and in the future.

Your child’s early years are a wonderful opportunity to follow their special interest, whether it be play, art or craft, active exploration of their surroundings, music or movement.

We provide a variety of experiences, and encourage and develop chosen activities within acceptable bounds, framing our programs accordingly.

We value and implement individual child-centred programs, providing your child with the opportunity to develop a strong sense of identity and well-being, feel connected with their world, develop strong communication skills and become confident, involved and inquisitive learners.

We also know as educators that there are certain skills and knowledge your child must acquire in readiness to begin school.

Our programs help to prepare your child to cope with the expectations placed on them when they reach school age. Our commitment is to assist your child to develop to their potential.

We strive to achieve a loving, stimulating environment with a rich and integrated range of experiences to enhance your child’s learning and development.

Global Sky Education takes a lot of pleasure in providing important learning experiences in a warm, loving and caring environment.

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Childcare expansion with new centres in Adelaide.

Global Sky has converted an historic place of worship into a centre for children’s educational development.

Built in 1856 by the Free Presbyterian Church, the former John Knox

1 August 17

Childcare expansion with 4 new centres in Rockhampton

Global Sky Group is pleased to announce the new acquisitions of Central Qld Childcare’s four childcare centres in Rockhampton and Yeppoon, Queensland.

The new centres add to G

3 July 17

Childcare expansion with new centres in Adelaide and Gold Coast

Global Sky Group is pleased to announce the new acquisitions of a childcare centre in Gold Coast, Queensland, and two centres in Adelaide, South Australia.

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10 March 17
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